MY and MC Series capacitor operation of single-phase asynchronous motor

Product overview

MY/MC series motors have the advantages of similar products in the world, simple structure, reliable operation and excellent technical and economic indicators.

It is easy to maintain and meets the relevant provisions of international IEC standards. It can be used in household appliances, air compressors, pumps, fans, etc.

Recording instruments and other equipment.

  • ProductDetails

MY/MC series motors are fully enclosed structure, and the shell protection level is IP55 and F. The junction box is on the top of the motor.

Start-up torque is 2-3 times the rated torque. The motor has the advantages of low noise/low temperature rise, high power and convenient maintenance.

It is widely used in various types of small mechanical appliances such as pumps, refrigerators and equipment requiring larger starting moment. This product is especially suitable for families and stores that only need single-phase.

The MC series adopts F grade insulation, IP54 grade shape protection and IC411 cooling mode.

The installation dimension of the motor fully conforms to IEC standard. Installation models: IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, INB14,

Working Conditions: The altitude is not less than 1000 meters, and the altitude temperature is not higher than 40 degrees Celsius.