YC and YCL Series heavy-duty single-phase capacitors start induction motor

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:-15℃≤0≤40℃

Altitude:not exceeding 1000m

Rated voltage:220V

Rated frequency:50Hz、60Hz

Protection class:IP44、IP54

Insulation class:B、F

Cooling method:ICO141


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Product overview

YC series motors are totally enclosed fan cooled(TEFC)heavy-duty single-phase induction motors.The mounting dimension is fully comformed with IEC standard.When rated output is 3HP or below,motors and of capacitors,and 4HP or above with capacitor start and run.YC series motors are integrated with up-to -date design,best quality materials construction,and possess the features of pleasant-looking appearance,outstanding performance,easy maintenance.The also concentrate the advantages of high staring torque,smooth turning,low temperatre rise,low noise and great overload performance.YC series motora are suitable for powering small type drilling machines and water pimps,especially for family workshops where only single-phase current supply is available.