AИP Series three-phase asynchronous electrilc motor

GOST Standard motors can be widely used in various kinds of general use machineries like compressors,fans,pumps,machine tools,mills,transportation machines and so on,and can also be used in the hazardous aresa with oil and chemical,steel plants,marine industry,and mining industry.

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GOST standard three-phase asynchronous electric motors,was introduced as an updated design,basieally in conformity with IEC standard. but also combining other standards of electric motors in Russia and other castern European countries.It fully absorbed the advanced technology of electric motor in the world. GOST Standard series motors with IP55 protection degree,class F insulation,and good function of energy saving can reach high effieiency class in Europe. It is an ideal energy saving product, moreover,it has other good features like high starting torque,Low noise,optimum structure,uniqueappearance,convenient operation and so on.


GOST Standard motors with the mounting dimension in accordance with standard IEC60034 and DIN426873.Is identieal to the performance and mounting dimension of gost R51689-2000.