YCT Series electromagnetic speed regulating motor

The series electromagnetic governor motor is widely applied in textile,printing and dyeing, A variety of food,chemical, paper, cement,rubber,plastics,cables, metallurgy,mining and other areas of constant torque stepless speed devices,especially for fans, pumps, load torque decreasing occasions,Controlled by the speed of adjustment to changes in flowor pressure to obtain a  significant energy saving effect.

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Product overview

YCT series electromagnetic speed motor is an AC constant torque variable speed motor.Slip by the electromagnetic clutch,the drive motor and tachogenerator,usually with the JD,TXZ,CTK series controller composed of a set of exchange has a the velocimetry negative feedback system stepless drive , a wide speed smooth stepless speed regulation,it is with in China,s unified design new Electromagnetic Motor has the advantages of high efficiency,low noise ,vibration,high reliability,and aesthetic appearance.And in line with national international Electrotechnical Commission(IEC) standards.